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  1. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct of all people attending the function.
    No activity which is prohibited by local ordinances shall be permitted. Local ordinance
    prohibits smoking, drugs or alcohol use in the Village Park
  2. Orderly parking of vehicles is the responsibility of the renter.
  3. Payment for damage to the Village Park, the playground equipment or any other Village
    property will be the responsibility of the renter. The Park will be inspected after each use
    for damage as well as cleanup. Repairs/replacements will be paid by the applicant upon
    presentation of a bill.
  4. Two responsible adults, over the age of 21, shall be present for the duration of the entire
  5. The Park will close at sundown unless otherwise approved. No person shall be permitted
    to remain within the confines of the Park after sundown unless special permission is
  6. The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold the Village of Burbank harmless as a result
    of any claim resulting from the lessee’s use of building equipment or other Village
  7. Conditions of the building should be restored to the condition it was in, or better, after
    each rental. If a problem exists prior/during the rental, notify Marti McCord at
  8. All of the picnic tables are to remain inside the pavilions and should be cleaned off after
    the event.
  9. No nails, staples or other fasteners will be used on or in the Park. All decorations,
    including tape used will be removed by the renter prior to leaving the center.

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